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Partner & Vendor Application 2024

Best to complete on desktop/laptop 

First Saturday Vendor Selection

  • Vendors are selected by the products they create including beginner art, fine art, artisan goods and interpretations of art through all forms of media including food (see additional requirements for food below).

  • What we define as art will always be given priority during this event.

  • Sales of commercial products, imports, manufactured goods, and MLM will be strictly limited or not allowed.  Your primary sold good must be created.

  • First Saturdays are family friendly events; we do not allow nudity or risqué types of art to be shown outside of permanent studios.

  • The Chicken Farm Art Center reserves the right to approve or disapprove of items shown before and during participation in our event to keep the integrity of the event. 

Food Vendor 

  • If you are applying and plan to sell food items, you are responsible for your own licensing and paperwork in accordance with city and state regulations. Please visit or call our local city offices to make sure you are up to date for any and all licenses. 

  • It is the responsibility of the vendor to keep all paperwork on hand for city inspection, we are not responsible for keeping documentation of this sort on hand.

Booths, Fees, and Policies

  • Partnership: $440 for 11 First Saturday’s at the rate of $40/each plus opportunity to set up for free at 3 non-first Saturday events (excluding Open House).  Once a Partner spot is selected, it cannot be moved/changed for a different spot as this is part of how we are able to offer a lower rate.

  • First Saturdays: $45 for a single 10’x10’ space.  Should you need more space, please pay for additional spaces.

  • $5 per table per day available on a first come first serve basis. Vendors will need to pick up their table at the porch and return it at the end of the day.

  • All fees are non-refundable and cannot be applied to a future event.  We apologize in advance for any emergency situations that may arise, but we keep our fees low with no application fee and will have already incurred expenses prior to first Saturday.

  • All vendor spaces are outside. 

  • We do not guarantee or provide electricity for events, vendors are responsible for their own energy sources, extension cords, lamps, fans, personal heaters, etc. 

  • Artists/Vendors are responsible for setting up their own tent and space, weighting or securing tents, cleaning up their vendor space, and putting away any equipment they might have used for the event.  There are no designated volunteers nor paid employees onsite to help you. 

  • Should this become a concern, we will increase our application fees to cover the cost of supplemental help.

  • We will send out a Vendor Roll Call on the 10th of the month. Artists/vendors must reply confirming attendance for the upcoming First Saturday. The deadline for contact is by 5pm on the 25th, after which any locations being held tentatively will be made available to any artists/vendors on the waiting list.

  • If you are unable to attend, please notify us prior to First Saturday so that we may fill your vendor space with another artist. Failure to do so will be a violation against you and can impact whether you will be able to return as a vendor.

  • Payment will be accepted via cash or check. Checks must be made out to Chicken Farm Ventures LLC. Payments must be made by the 25th before 5pm. If you are not able to make the payment by this date and still wish to attend, our office must be contacted for considerations to be made. We allow spaces to be paid for in advance.

  • Preferential spots will be given to those who have paid prior to the 25th

  • Booth spaces are distributed on a first come, first serve basis and are subject to rotation pending themed weekends, reorganization, or special needs. We do not guarantee locations, or that they will be the same every time.

  • First Saturdays run from 10am – 5pm and all Artists/Vendors are required to stay for the duration of the event. If there is an emergency and you need to leave sooner, please contact our event coordinator so that arrangements can be made. Leaving without notification will result in a violation and can impact location at future events

  • Early set up is offered the Friday before the event from 2-5pm. Artists/Vendors are welcome to come locate their space and set up their tent and/or tables. The Chicken Farm Art Center is not responsible for any items left here overnight. Set up on Saturday morning starts at 8am. The event starts at 10am, plan to be ready by 9:30.

  • All vehicles must be parked off the property along 26th Street by 9:30am and are not permitted back on the premises till after 5pm.

  • No early takedowns, failure to abide by this will result in a violation. Exceptions will be considered in case of an emergency.

  • Demonstrations are allowed. If they are loud please notify us so that we can place you away from the music. If it will be messy, notify us so that we can put you in an appropriate location for easy cleanup after the event.

  • No smoking within 15 feet of public entrances. Ashtrays or buckets will be located near entrances of The Art Center for your convenience. Do not leave your butts on the ground.

  • Along with the advertisement that the coordinator will do, it is the responsibility of the vendors to help promote the event. This event will only be a success if you, the vendor, help promote it.  The CFAC has the right to tag any vendor in its advertisements but is not obligated to tag every vendor in its marketing nor is it obligated to repost any vendor posts. 

  • Creating an event page: You CANNOT create or duplicate the event page on Facebook using the same name and pictures from the main event page. This only causes confusion for the public and Vendors. When a Vendor creates an event using the same name and pictures from the main event page it shows that this Vendor is the host of this event. This will not be tolerated, and that Vendor will be removed from the event. And no refunds will be given.

  • CFAC Administrators or Staff are NOT liable for anything concerning you, your booth, your workers, your customers, etc., this also includes Tax ID’s, etc. that YOU may need for your business, we hold no responsibility for anything to do with your booth.

  • Children: If you bring your children, please be courteous to the other Vendors and watch your children. Children under the age of 15 will not be allowed to run around by themselves as the CFAC is not liable for their safety.

  • Animals: If you bring a pet, please keep it leashed and warn patrons, guests, visitors who may or may not be as pet friendly as you are. There are pooper scoopers on property, please pick up after your pet and dispose of properly.

  • Cleaning: Vendors must clean up their booths after the show. This includes:

  • •      Cleaning your area.

  •          •      Pull up blue tape.

  •          •      No boxes, trash, zip ties etc. left in your booth.

  •          •      Trash must be taken out to the dumpsters.

  •          •      Boxes must be broken down before you put them in the dumpster.

  •          •      Must be packed up and out within 2 hours. There are some exceptions. We  understand if you have 2-3 booths and have a lot of products that takes longer to pack up. 

  •          •      You must tear down your booth before you pull your vehicle up and block the 

  • entrance for everyone else.

  •          •      No parking vehicles in front of loading / entrance during the show hours. 


  • To maintain the quality of art and atmosphere that we strive for during our events, if an Artist/Vendor violates one of the rules for First Saturday there are consequences. In this order the following will be given: a warning following the violation/event (maximum of 3), once the third violation has been recorded any further violations will require a review from the committee and could result in relocation, restrictions, or removal from showing at First Saturdays. Discussions will be available with owners to discuss future viability of return as a vendor.

  • While we do not wish to do this, our mission and the expectations of the public must be upheld to the best of our ability. So long as there is open and honest communication between all artists, vendors, and our office all issues can be resolved.

  • I have completely read and agree to these terms and conditions. I understand that by signing this form I am bound to the rules and regulations set by The Chicken Farm Art Center hosting this and all art events. I verify that all information supplied on my application is current and accurate. I understand that this is an application and does not warrant acceptance to show during First Saturday and that if approved I will be contacted by The Chicken Farm Art Center and notified accordingly.

Venmo: @TheChickenFarmArtCenter

Check payable to: Chicken Farm Ventures LLC

Upload File

Upload 4-5 photos of your work, booth set-up and yourself.

By filling out this information you are giving The Chicken Farm Art Center permission to contact you, use photos or information in the process of advertising, informing, and placement for First Saturday events, and to share your information with possible customers or interested parties.


Filling out this application does not guarantee acceptance into our event.

Thanks for applying for a Coop!

We'll get back to you after we have received your application fee and reviewed your application with our review team. 

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